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Zeng Fanzhi

every mark its mask / with an introd. by F. Fryns ; essay by R. Shiff


Zeng Fanzhi

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Hatje Cantz

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243 p.




Zeng Fanzhi (b. 1964 in Wuhan, China) is best known for his series of mask paintings: people wearing simplified, schematic, white masks and with overly large hands and huge eyes that gaze at the viewer. The pictures reveal a great deal about the rapidly changing Chinese society of the mid-nineties. Yet they are always interpretations and reflections of the artist s personal life and his own feelings, as they tell of loneliness and isolation. Besides the Masks cycle, however, this publication contains works from all of his series, thus providing comprehensive insight into Fanzhi s oeuvre. Among them are the early Meat and Hospital cycles, which were influenced by German Expressionism, and the artist s latest, somewhat more abstract series Portraits and Landscapes.

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