the foundations of hedonic psychology / ed. by D. Kahneman, E. Diener, N. Schwarz
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New York
Russell Sage Foundation
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xii, 593 p.
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Objective happiness / Daniel Kahneman --Ecological momentary assessment / Arthur A. Stone, Saul S. Shiffman, Marten W. DeVries --Measurement issues in emotion research / Randy J. Larsen and Barbara L. Fredrickson --Reports of subjective well-being: judgmental processes and their methodological implications / Norbert Schwarz and Fritz Strack --Wouldn't it be nice? Predicting future feelings / George Loewenstein and David Schkade --Preadaptation and the puzzles and properties of pleasure / Paul Rozin --On the pleasures of the mind / Michael Kubovy --Questions concerning pain / Eric Eich [and others] --The mood system / William N. Morris --Emotions and hedonic experience / Nico H. Frijda --Personality and subjective well-being / Ed Diener and Richard E. Lucas. Life task participation and well-being: the importance of taking part in daily life / Nancy Cantor and Catherine A. Sanderson --Self-regulation and quality of life: emotional and non-emotional life experiences / E. Tory Higgins, Heidi Grant, and James Shah --Disturbances in emotion / Howard Berenbaum [and others] --Personal control and well-being / Christopher Peterson --Hedonic adaptation / Shane Frederick and George Loewenstein --Gender differences in well-being / Susan Nolen-Hoeksema and Cheryl L. Rusting --Causes and correlates of happiness / Michael Argyle --Close relationships and quality of life / David G. Myers. Well-being and the workplace / Peter Warr --The measurement of welfare and well-being: the Leyden approach / Bernard M.S. van Praag and Paul Frijters --National differences in subjective well-being / Ed Diener and Eunkook Mark Suh --The physiology and pathophysiology of unhappiness / Robert M. Sapolsky --The psychophysiology of utility appraisals / Tiffany A. Ito and John T. Cacioppo --Can neurobiology tell us anything about human feelings? / Joseph LeDoux and Jorge Armony --On the neural computation of utility: implications from studies of brain stimulation reward / Peter Shizgal --Pleasure, pain, desire, and dread: hidden core processes of emotion / Kent C. Berridge --Neural systems for reinforcement and inhibition of behavior: relevance to eating, addiction, and depression / Bartley G. Hoebel [and others].
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