We have not a government

the Articles of Confederation and the road to the Constitution / George William van Cleve
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The University of Chicago Press
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xix, 390 pages
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The confederation's final years: a chronology -- Introduction -- The search for national identity -- War's aftermath -- America's postwar debts: public faith or anarchy? -- Republic and empire: the struggle over confederation taxes -- Protecting American commerce in an imperial world -- Western expansion strains -- "Astonishing" emigrations and western settlement conflicts -- The Spanish-treaty impasse and the union's collapse -- Internal divisions : state social conflicts -- Economic relief, social peace, and republican justice -- Shays's rebellion: the final battle of the American revolution? -- Confederation collapse and its consequences -- "The truth is, we have not a government" : confederation stalemate and the road to the Philadelphia convention -- Conclusion: the birth of the American empire.
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