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Warwick the Kingmaker

politics, power and fame / A. J. Pollard


Warwick the Kingmaker

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Hambledon Continuum

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xiv, 258 p.

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [207]-239) and index.



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Contents: Part 1 Politics -- 1 Premier Earl, 1428-55 11 -- 2 York's Lieutenant, 1455-60 29 -- 3 England's Caesar, 1460-65 43 -- 4 The Third King, 1465-71 59 -- Part 2 Power -- 5 Estates and Finances 77 -- 6 Lordship and Loyalty: East Anglia and the West Midlands 93 -- 7 Lordship and Loyalty: the North 107 -- 8 Calais and the Keeping of the Seas 127 -- Part 3 Fame -- 9 The Idol of the Multitude 147 -- 10 The Flower of Manhood 167 -- Appendix 1 Attempts on the Earl's life, 1456-59 201 -- Appendix 2 Some problems of dating, 1457-59 203.


Warwick The Kingmaker was a fifteenth-century celebrity; a military hero, self-publicist and populist. For twelve years he was the arbiter of English politics, not hesitating to set up and put down kings. In the dominant strand of recent English historical writing, Warwick is condemned as a man who hindered the development of the modern state; in earlier centuries he was admired as an exemplar of true nobility who defied the centralizing tendencies of the crown. A.J. Pollard offers a fresh assessment, to which neither approach is entirely appropiate, of the man whose nickname has become synonymous with power-broking.

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