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Voluntary and involuntary childlessness : the joy of otherhood

ed. by Natalie Sappleton


Voluntary and involuntary childlessness : the joy of otherhood

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Emerald Publishing

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401 p.


Emerald studies in reproduction, culture and society



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Introduction: Childlessness Through a Feminist Lens; Natalie SappletonPart One: Theoretical Perspectives On Voluntary and Involuntary Childlessness Chapter 1. From Deviant Choice to Feminist Issue: A Historical Content Analysis of Scholarship on Voluntary Childlessness (1920 To 2013); Ingrid Lynch, Tracy Morison, Catriona Ida Macleod, Magda Mijas, Ryan Du Toit, and Simi SeemanthiniChapter 2. What is it Like Being Involuntarily Childless? Searching for Ways of Understanding from a Psychological Perspective; Megumi FieldsendChapter 3. Wanting to Want: Constructing the Dissident Childless Self; Anna GotlibPart Two: Structural and Agential Underpinnings of Childlessness Chapter 4. Capital in Pronatalist Fields: Exploring The Influence of Economic, Social, Cultural and Symbolic Capital on Childbearing Habitus; Alyssa MullinsChapter 5. Social Connectedness, Inclusion and Support: Experiences of Women Without Children in a Pronatalist Society; Melissa Graham, Beth Turnbull, Hayley Mckenzie and Ann TaketChapter 6. "Join the Club" Or "Don't have Kids?": Exploring Contradictory Experiences, Pressures and Encouragement to have Children in Pronatalist Social Fields; Alyssa MullinsPart Three: Intersectional Perspectives On Childlessness Chapter 7. Are Loneliness and Regret the Inevitable Outcomes of Ageing and Childlessness?; Jenny Mercer and Ros O'DriscollChapter 8. Age-Identity in Progress Narratives of Never-Married Childless Older Women; Kate De Medeiros and Robert L. RubinsteinPart Four: Lived Experiences of Childlessness Chapter 9. The Voluntary Childless Marriage; Laura CarrollChapter 10. Finding Mr Right; Helen PetersonChapter 11. Understanding the Employment Experiences of Women with no Children; Beth Turnbull, Melissa Graham and Ann TaketChapter 12. Gender Segregation, Stereotypes, Wellbeing and Childlessness: Evidence of the Links in Europe; Natalie Sappleton Part Five: National Perspectives On Childlessness Chapter 13. Childlessness in the Hungarian Context; Ivett Szalma and Judit TakacsChapter 14. Stigma and Childlessness in Historical and Contemporary Japan; Kimiko Tanaka and Deborah LowryChapter 15. The Childless Agenda in Germany; Nazli KazanogluPostscript: Moving Forward: Towards a Feminist Understanding of 'Otherhood'; Natalie Sappleton

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