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Understanding social change

edited by A. F. Heath, J. Ermisch, D. Gallie


Understanding social change

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Oxford University Press

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364 p.


British Academy centenary monographs



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Introduction; The Puzzling Rise in Childbearing Outside Marriage; Why Did Class Inequalities in Educational Attainment Remain Unchanged over Much of the Twentieth Century?; Is Failure Inevitable? The Recent Fate of Secondary School Reforms Intended to Alleviate Social Disadvantage; The Puzzle of Work: Insecurity and Stress and Autonomy and Commitment; Entrapment in Unemployment: Motivational Deficiency or Structural Constraint?; Gender and Pay: Some More Equal than Others; Explaining Ethnic Minority Disadvantage; The Puzzle of Retirement and Early Retirement SARAH HARPER & PETER LASLETT; The Social Origins of Depression and the Role of Meaning; What are New Religious Movements Doing in a Secular Society?; Victims' Rights in England and Wales at the Beginning of the Twenty-first Century

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