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Torture and Eucharist

theology, politics, and the body of Christ / W. T. Cavanaugh


Torture and Eucharist

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Blackwell Publishers

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xi, 286 p.


Challenges in contemporary theology



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Acknowledgements. Introduction. Part I: Torture and Disappearance as an Ecclesiological Problem: 1. Torture as Liturgy. 2. Torture and Fragmentation. 3. The Striptease of Power. 4. Habeas Corpus. Conclusion. Part II: The Church Learns How to be Oppressed: 5. Christians for Socialism. 6."Torture Isn't Everything". 7. The Stubborn Monkey. 8. "I Am Jesus, Whom You Are Persecuting". 9. The Church as Russia. Part III: The Ecclesiology of a Disappearing Church: 10. An Amiable Divorce. 11. The Rise of "Social Catholicism". 12. Catholic Action in Chile. Part IV: A Distinction of Planes: 13. Maritain Among Us. 14. The Minimum of Body. 15. New Christendom. 16. The Disappearance of the Church. 17. The End of the Story.Part V: The True Body of Christ: 18. The Mystical and the True. 19. Until He Comes. 20. Re-membering Christ. 21. Making the Body Visible. Part VI: Performing the Body of Christ: 22. "But Father, Look at This Body". 23. Knitting the Social Fabric. 24. Mysterious Channels. 25. Torture and Eucharist. Index

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