Theorising international society: English school methods

ed. by C. Navari
Место издания:
Basingstoke, UK
Palgrave Macmillan
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VIII, 248 p.
Palgrave studies in international relations
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International relations as a craft discipline / Robert Jackson. What the classical English school was trying to explain, and why its members were not interested in causal explanation / Cornelia Navari. Constructivism and the English school / Christian Reus-Smit. History, theory and methodological pluralism in the English school / Richard Little. International society as an ideal type / Edward Keene. Theorising the causes of order: Hedley Bull's The anarchical society / K. J. Holsti. The English school and the activity of being an historian / William Bain. The English school's approach to international law / Peter Wilson. Law, power and the expansion of international society / B. A. Roberson. The limits of progress: normative reasoning in the English school / James Mayall.
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