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The Wiley Blackwell companion to social movements

ed. by D. A. Snow [et al.]


The Wiley Blackwell companion to social movements

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Hoboken, NJ


John Wiley & Sons

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XXII, 745 p.



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Contents: Introduction / David A Snow, Sarah A Soule, Hanspeter Kriesi, Holly J McCammon -- Facilitative and Constraining Contexts and Conditions. The Political Context of Social Movements / Doug McAdam, Sidney Tarrow -- The Role of Threat in Collective Action / Paul D Almeida -- The Cultural Context of Social Movements / James M Jasper, Francesca Polletta -- The Resource Context of Social Movements / Bob Edwards, John D McCarthy, Dane R Mataic -- The Ecological and Spatial Contexts of Social Movements / Yang Zhang, Dingxin Zhao -- Social Movements and Transnational Context / Clifford Bob -- Social Movements and Mass Media in a Global Context / Deana A Rohlinger, Catherine Corrigall-Brown -- Social Movement Organizations, Fields, and Dynamics. Networks and Fields / Nick Crossley, Mario Diani -- Social Movement Organizations / Edward T Walker, Andrew W Martin --Bringing Leadership Back In / Marshall Ganz, Elizabeth McKenna --Contents: How Social Movements Interact with Organizations and Fields / Fabio Rojas, Brayden G King -- Infighting and Insurrection / Amin Ghaziani, Kelsy Kretschmer -- Diffusion Processes Within and Across Movements / Sarah A Soule, Conny Roggeband -- Coalitions and the Organization of Collective Action / Megan E Brooker, David S Meyer -- Social Movement Strategies and Tactics. Tactics and Strategic Action / Brian Doherty, Graeme Hayes -- Technology and Social Media / Jennifer Earl -- Social Movements and Litigation / Steven A Boutcher, Holly J McCammon -- Social Movements in Interaction with Political Parties / Swen Hutter, Hanspeter Kriesi, Jasmine Lorenzini -- Nonviolent and Violent Trajectories in Social Movements / Kurt Schock, Chares Demetriou -- Art and Social Movements / Lilian Mathieu -- Microstructural and Social-Psychological Dimensions. Individual Participation in Street Demonstrations / Jacquelien Stekelenburg, Bert Klandermans, Stefaan Walgrave --Contents: The Framing Perspective on Social Movements / David A Snow, Rens Vliegenthart, Pauline Ketelaars -- Emotions in Social Movements / Justin Ness, Erika Summers-Effler -- Collective Identity in Social Movements / Cristina Flesher Fominaya -- Consequences and Outcomes. The Political Institutions, Processes, and Outcomes Movements Seek to Influence / Edwin Amenta, Kenneth T Andrews, Neal Caren -- Economic Outcomes of Social Movements / Marco Giugni, Maria T Grasso -- The Cultural Outcomes of Social Movements / Nella Dyke, Verta Taylor -- Biographical Consequences of Activism / Florence Passy, Gian-Andrea Monsch -- Thematic Intersections. Social Class and Social Movements / Barry Eidlin, Jasmine Kerrissey -- Gender and Social Movements / Heather McKee Hurwitz, Alison Dahl Crossley -- Race, Ethnicity, and Social Movements / Peter B Owens, Rory McVeigh, David Cunningham -- Bringing the Study of Religion and Social Movements Together / David A Snow, Kraig Beyerlein --Contents: Human Rights and Social Movements / Kiyoteru Tsutsui, Jackie Smith -- Globalization and Social Movements / Massimiliano Andretta, Donatella Porta, Clare Saunders -- Political Extremism and Social Movements / Robert Futrell, Pete Simi, Anna E Tan -- Nationalism, Nationalist Movements, and Social Movement Theory / Hank Johnston -- War, Peace, and Social Movements / David S Meyer, Sidney Tarrow -- Authoritarian Regimes and Social Movements / Xi Chen, Dana M Moss -- Revolution and Social Movements / Jack A Goldstone, Daniel P Ritter -- Terrorism and Social Movements / Colin J Beck, Eric W Schoon.

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