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The volitional brain

towards a neuroscience of free will / ed. by B. Libet [et al.]


The volitional brain

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Imprint Academic

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Journal of consciousness studies ; 6

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On volition: a neurophysiologically oriented essay / David H. Ingvar -Towards a functional anatomy of volition / Sean A. Spence and Chris D. Frith -The primate basal ganglia and the voluntary control of behaviour / Wolfram Schultz -Do we have free will? / Benjamin Libet -Volition and the readiness potential / Gilberto Gomes -A variety of religious experience: William James and the non-reality of free will / Jonathan Bricklin Whodunnit? Unpicking the 'seems' of free will / Guy Claxton -A role for volition and attention in the generation of new brain circuitry: towards a neurobiology of mental force / Jeffrey M. Schwartz -Attention, intention and will in quantum physics / Henry P. Stapp -The physics of interactionism / Ulrich Mohrhoff -Mind-brain interaction and violation of physical laws / David L. Wilson -Hume's mistake / David Hodgson -Self agency and mental causation / E.J. Lowe -A bifold model of free will / John McCrone -And now a brief word from now: logical dependencies between vernacular concepts of free will, time and consciousness / Jaron Lanier -Y's domain / Whit Blauvelt -Decisive action: personal responsibility all the way down / Anthony Freeman -Fear of mechanism: a compatibilist critique of 'The volitional brain'

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