The unique legacy of weird tales

the evolution of modern fantasy and horror / ed. by Justin Everett, Jeffrey H. Shanks
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Lanham, MD
Rowman & Littlefield
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xix, 245 pages
Studies in supernatural literature
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Introduction: Weird Tales-Discourse Community and Genre Nexus (Justin Everett and Jeffrey Shanks)PART I: THE UNIQUE MAGAZINE: WEIRD TALES, MODERNISM, AND GENRE FORMATIONChapter 1: "Something that swayed as if in unison": The Artistic Authenticity of Weird Tales in the Interwar Periodical Culture of Modernism - Jason Ray CarneyChapter 2: Weird Modernism: Literary Modernism in the First Decade of Weird Tales - Jonas PridaChapter 3: "Against the Complacency of an Orthodox Sun-Dweller": The Lovecraft Circle and the "Weird Class" - Daniel NyikosChapter 4: Strange Collaborations: Shared Authorship and Weird Tales - Nicole EmmelhainzChapter 5: Gothic to Cosmic: Sword and Sorcery Fiction in Weird Tales - Morgan HolmesII. EICH-PI-EL AND TWO-GUN BOB: LOVECRAFT AND HOWARD IN WEIRD TALESChapter 6: A Nameless Horror: Madness and Metamorphosis in H.P. Lovecraft and Post-modernism - Clancy SmithChapter 7: Great Phallic Monoliths: Lovecraft and Sexuality - Bobby DerieChapter 8: Evolutionary Otherness: Anthropological Anxiety in Robert E. Howard's "Worms of the Earth" - Jeffrey ShanksChapter 9: Eugenic Thought in the Works of Robert E. Howard - Justin EverettIII. MASTERS OF THE WEIRD: OTHER AUTHORS OF WEIRD TALES Chapter 10: Pegasus Unbridled: Clark Ashton Smith and the Ghettoization of the Fantastic - Scott ConnorsChapter 11: "A Round Cipher": Word-Building and World-Building in the Weird Works of Clark Ashton Smith - Geoffrey ReiterChapter 12: C. L. Moore and M. Brundage: Competing Femininities in the October, 1934 Issue of Weird Tales - Jonathan HellandChapter 13: Psycho-ology 101: Incipient Madness in the Weird Tales of Robert Bloch - Paul ShovlinChapter 14: "To Hell and Gone": Harold Lawlor's Self-Effacing Pulp Metafiction - Sidney SondergardIndexAbout the Editors and Contributors
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