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The unique legacy of weird tales

the evolution of modern fantasy and horror / ed. by Justin Everett, Jeffrey H. Shanks


The unique legacy of weird tales

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Lanham, MD


Rowman & Littlefield

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xix, 245 p.


Studies in supernatural literature



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Contents: Pt. I. The unique magazine : Weird Tales, modernism, and genre formation. "Something that swayed as if in unison" : the artistic authenticity of Weird Tales in the interwar periodical culture of modernism / Jason Ray Carney; Weird modernism : literary modernism in the first decade of Weird Tales / Jonas Prida; The Lovecraft circle and the "weird class" : "against the complacency of an orthodox sun-dweller" / Daniel Nyikos; Strange collaborations : Weird Tales's discourse community as a site of collaborative writing / Nicole Emmelhainz; Gothic to cosmic : wword-and-worcery fiction in Weird Tales / Morgan T. Holmes; Pt. II. Eich-Pi-El and two-gun Bob : Lovecraft and Howard in Weird Tales. A nameless horror : madness and metamorphosis in H. P. Lovecraft and postmodernism / Clancy Smith; Great phallic monoliths : Lovecraft and sexuality / Bobby Derie; Evolutionary otherness : anthropological anxiety in Robert E. Howard's "Worms of the earth" / Jeffrey H. Shanks; Eugenic Thought tn the works of Robert E. Howard / Justin Everett; Pt. III. Masters of the weird : other authors of Weird Tales. Pegasus unbridled : Clark Ashton Smith and the ghettoization of the fantastic / Scott Connors; "A round cipher" : word-building and world-building in the weird works of Clark Ashton Smith / Geoffrey Reiter; C. L. Moore, M. Brundage, and Jirel of Joiry : women and gender in the October 1934 Weird Tales / Jonathan Helland; Psycho-ology 101 : incipient madness in the Weird Tales of Robert B loch / Paul W. Shovlin; "To hell and gone" : Harold Lawlor's self-effacing pulp metafiction / Sidney Sondergard.

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