The stone age culture of Kenya Colony

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Cambridge University Press
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List of illustrations; Preface; 1. Discoveries in Kenya prior to 1926; 2. Climatic changes; 3. Pleistocene fauna; 4. Outline of the Kenya culture sequence; 5. The Kenya Chellean and the Kenya Acheulean and the Nanyukian; 6. The Kenya Mousterian and the Kenya Stillbay; 7. The Kenya Aurignacian; 8. The Mesolithic cultures in Kenya. The Elmenteitan and Kenya Wilton; 9. The Neolithic cultures in Kenya. The Gumban cultures and the Njoroan; 10. The relation of the Kenya cultures to those of Europe and of South Africa; 11. The relation of the Kenya cultures to those of Europe and of South Africa (continued); Appendix A. The geology of the implementiferous deposits in the Nakuru and Naivisha basins and the surrounding area; Appendix B. The correlation of pluvial periods in Africa with climatic changes in Europe; Appendix C. Preliminary report on the fossil mammalia; Appendix D. The mollusca from deposits of Gamblian pluvial date; Appendix E. Extract from Professor Gregory's Rift Valleys and Geology of East Africa; Appendix F. A note on the beads from the upper Kenya Aurignacian levels of Gamble's Cave II, and a note on the two beads from the Nakuru burial site; Maps; Index.
Louis Seymour Bazett Leakey (1903-72) was a British archaeologist, naturalist and palaeoanthropologist who made a significant contribution to the study of human evolutionary development. First published in 1931, this work presents the results of two periods of excavation by the East African Archaeological Expedition during 1926-7 and 1928-9. As noted in the preface, the findings of these excavations enabled the Expedition 'to work out a number of clear subdivisions in Pleistocene and recent times, based upon climatic changes, and to establish in most cases the relation of the cultures found to these time divisions.' The text contains numerous illustrative figures, including original drawings and photographs. Numerous appendices are also included. This book will be of value to anyone with an interest in archaeology, anthropology and East Africa.
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