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The revival of pragmatism

new essays on social thought, law, and culture / ed. by Morris Dickstein


The revival of pragmatism

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Duke University Press

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x, 453 p.



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Contents: Introduction: Pragmatism Then and Now / Morris Dickstein --What Difference Does Pragmatism Make? The View from Philosophy. Pragmatism as Romantic Polytheism / Richard Rorty. Pragmatism and Realism / Hilary Putnam. Response to Hilary Putnam's "Pragmatism and Realism" / Sidney Morgenbesser. The Moral Impulse / Ruth Anna Putnam. What's the Use of Calling Emerson a Pragmatist? / Stanley Cavell --Pragmatism and the Remaking of Social Thought. Pragmatism: An Old Name for Some New Ways of Thinking? / James T. Kloppenberg. Pragmatism and Democracy: Reconstructing the Logic of John Dewey's Faith / Robert B. Westbrook. Community in the Pragmatic Tradition / Richard J. Bernstein. Another Pragmatism: Alain Locke, Critical "Race" Theory, and the Politics of Culture / Nancy Fraser. Going Astray, Going Forward: Du Boisian Pragmatism and Its Lineage / Ross Posnock. The Inspiration of Pragmatism: Some Personal Remarks / Hans Joas. The Missing Pragmatic Revival in American Social Science / Alan Wolfe. Pragmatism and Its Limits / John Patrick Diggins --Pragmatism and Law. Pragmatic Adjudication / Richard A. Posner. Freestanding Legal Pragmatism / Thomas C. Grey. What's Pragmatic about Legal Pragmatism? / David Luban. Pragmatism and Law: A Response to David Luban / Richard Rorty. It's Positivist, It's a Pragmatist, It's a Codifier! Reflections on Nietzsche and Stendhal / Richard H. Weisberg. Pragmatism, Pluralism, and Legal Interpretation: Posner's and Rorty's Justice without Metaphysics Meets Hate Speech / Michel Rosenfeld --Pragmatism, Culture, and Art. Why Do Pragmatists Want to Be Like Poets? / Richard Poirier. Pragmatists and Poets: A Response to Richard Poirier / Louis Menand. The Novelist of Everyday Life / David Bromwich. When Mind Is a Verb: Thomas Eakins and the Work of Doing / Ray Carney. Religion and the Recent Revival of Pragmatism / Giles Gunn --Truth and Toilets: Pragmatism and the Practices of Life / Stanley Fish.

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