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The psychology of perfectionism

theory, research, applications / ed. by Joachim Stoeber


The psychology of perfectionism

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Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group

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xiii, 379 pages

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Includes bibliographical references and index



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The psychology of perfectionism: an introduction / Joachim Stoeber -- Perfectionism : a motivational perspective / Joachim Stoeber, Lavinia E. Damian, Daniel J. Madigan -- The 2 x 2 model of perfectionism : assumptions, trends, and potential developments / Patrick Gaudreau et al. -- Perfectionism and personality / Joachim Stoeber et al. -- Perfectionism cognition theory : the cognitive side of perfectionsim / Gordon L. Flett et al. -- Perfectionism and anxiety in children / Nicholas W. Affrunti and Janet Woodruff-Borden -- Perfectionsim in gifted students . Kristie L. Speirs Neumeister -- Perfectionism in sport, dance, and exercise / Andrew P. Hill, Gareth E. Jowett, and Sarah H. Mallison-Howard -- Perfectionism and interpersonal problems : narcissistic and self-critical perfectionism / Simon B. Sherry, Sean P. Mackinnon, and Logan J. Nealis -- Perfectionism and health : the roles of health behaviors and stress-related processes / Danielle S. Molnar et al. -- Perfectionism and daily stress, coping, and affect : advancing multilevel explanatory conceptualizations / David M. Dunkley -- Perfectionism and emotion regulation . Kenneth G. Rice, Hannah Suh, and Don E. Davis -- Prevention of perfectionism in youth / Tracey D. Wade -- Cognitive-behavioral treatment for perfectionis, / Sarah J. Egan and Roz Shafran -- Perfectionism in the therapeutic context : the perfectionism social disconnection model / Paul L. Hewitt -- The psychology of perfectionism : critical issues, open questions, and future directions / Joachim Stoeber

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