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The Oxford handbook of social influence

ed. by S. G. Harkins [et al.]


The Oxford handbook of social influence

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New York


Oxford University Press

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xvi, 474 p.


Oxford library of psychology



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ntroduction --Introduction and overview / Stephen G. Harkins and Kipling D. Williams --Ethical issues in social influence research / Allan J. Kimmel --Intrapersonal processes --Social influence and gender / Linda L. Carli --Social influence and personality / John B. Nezlek and Carrie Smith --Interpersonal processes --On the trail of social comparison / Jerry Suls and Ladd Wheeler --Conformity and divergence in interactions, groups, and culture / Bert H. Hodges --Compliance : a classic and contemporary review / Rosanna E. Guadagno --Obedience / Jerry Burger --Social norms and their enforcement / Jessica M. Nolan --Social inhibition / Megan K. McCarty --Social facilitation : using the molecular to inform the molar / Allison E. Seitchik, Adam J. Brown, and Stephen G. Harkins --Protect, correct, and eject : ostracism as a social influence tool / Andrew H. Hales, Dongning Ren, and Kipling D. Williams --Self-presentation and social influence : evidence for an automatic process / James M. Tyler and Katherine E. Adams --Emotions as agents of social influence : insights from emotions as social information theory / Gerben van Kleef --Intragroup processes --Social identity and social influence / Amber M. Gaffney and Michael Hogg --Deindividuation / Russell Spears --Stability and change within groups / Matthew J. Hornsey and Jolanda Jetten --Minority influence / Fabrizio Butera, Juan Manuel Falomire-Pichastor, and Alain Quiamzade --The social psychology of leadership / Michael J. Platow, S. Alexander Haslam, and Stephen D. Reicher --Social influence in applied settings --Social influence and clinical intervention / Martin Heesacker --Social influence and health / Leslie R. Martin and M. Robin DiMatteo --The expanding, lop-sided universe of social influence and law research / Linda Demaine and Robert Cialdini --Social influence in marketing: how other people influence consumer information processing and decision making / Amna Kirmani and Rosellina Ferraro --The future --The future of social influence in social psychology / Kipling D. Williams and Stephen G. Harkins --Resistance to influence / Brad J. Sagarin and Mary Lynn Miller Henningsen --The echo chamber / David Byrne --Index

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