The Oxford handbook of global studies

edited by Mark Juergensmeyer, Saskia Sassen, Manfred B. Steger
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New York
Oxford University Press
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xiv, 834 páginas
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I. Global Studies The emergence of a new academic field1. What is Global Studies? Manfred B. Steger 2. The Evolution of Global Studies Mark Juergensmeyer 3. Antecedents of the Field Roland Robertson4. Major Thinkers in Global Studies Paul James II. Global ThinkingAnalytical approaches and conceptual considerations 5. Researching the Localizations of the Global Saskia Sassen6. Glocalization Habibul Khondker7. Global History Dominic Sachsenmaier8. Transdisciplinarity James Mittelman and Daniel Esser9. Problem Orientation Paul Battersby10. Worldview Analysis Mona Kanwal Sheikh11. Anthropocene Thesis Simon Dalby12. Global Epistemology Mohammed Bamyeh13. Global Studies vs. International Studies Sara Curran 14. Inequality from the Perspective of the Global South Manoranjan Mohanty 15. Feminist Perspectives, Critiques and Contributions Valentine Moghadam 16. Decolonizing Global Studies Eve Darian SmithIII. Global ConcernsIssues and themes at the core of global research and teaching17. Financialization Ravi Roy and Thomas Willett18. Labor Rich Appelbaum 19. Transnational Capitalist Class William I. Robinson and Jeb Sprague-Silgado20. The Impact of Global Financial Crises Walden Bello21. Trafficking Paul Amar 22. Migration Sucheng Chan23. War and Militarization Jairus Grove24. Security: The Disconnect with Globalization Monica Duffy Toft and Allard Duursma25. Human Rights Michael Forman26. Democracy Jan Aart Scholte27. Impoverishment in the Anthropocene Era Upendra Baxi28. Religious Globalisms Jeffrey Haynes29. Art and the Process of Globalization Linda Williams30. Urbanization Peter Taylor31. Multiculturalism Nandita Sharma32. The Female Body in Global Media Tuija Parikka 33. Digital connectivity Tanya Lewis34. Media Industry Jack Lule35. Global Sports Richard Giulianotti36. Global Food Politics Hilal Elver 37. Climate change Clive Hamilton 38. Pandemics Kathryn H. Jacobsen39. Environmental Critique Patrick BondIV. Global CitizenshipIdeas and institutions for an emerging global world40. Civil Society Karen Buckley41. Global Citizenship Hans Schattle42. Global Movements Donatella della Porta43. Humanitarian Organizations Katherine Marshall44. Global Law Richard Falk45. Global Governance Helmut Anheier
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