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The Oxford guide to The Book of Common Prayer

a worldwide survey / ed. by C. Hefling, C. L. Shattuck


The Oxford guide to The Book of Common Prayer

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New York


Oxford University Press

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XVI, 614 p.



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Introduction : Anglicans and common prayer / Charles Hefling --'But one use' : the birth of the classical prayer book. Worship by the book / Kenneth Stevenson. Cranmer and common prayer / Gordon Jeanes. The prayer book 'noted' / Robin A. Leaver. From Elizabeth I to Charles II / Bryan Spinks. Early translations / J. Robert Wright. The 'liturgy of comprehension' / Charles Hefling. The shape of the classical Book of common prayer / J. Neil Alexander. The state services / Charles Hefling --The social and cultural life of the prayer book. The prayer book and the parish church : from the Elizabethan settlement to the Restoration / Judith Maltby. The prayer book and the parish church : from the Restoration to the Oxford movement / Jeremy Gregory. Prayer book architecture / James F. White. Prayer books and printers / Martin W. Hutner. The prayer book as 'sacred text' / Kenneth Stevenson. The prayer book as literature / Paul G. Stanwood --The prayer book outside England. Plantations, missions, and colonies / William L. Sachs. The prayer book in Anglican churches. (Scotland : Episcopalians and nonjurors / Charles Hefling. The colonies and states of America / Marion J. Hatchett. British North America and Canada / William R. Blott. Southern Africa / Cynthia Botha. Ireland / Brian Mayne). The prayer book and other traditions. (John Wesley and the Methodists / Karen B. Westerfield Tucker. King's Chapel and the Unitarians / Carl Scovel. Churches in the continuing Anglican tradition / Lesley A. Northup. The prayer book and Lutheranism / Philip H. Pfatteicher) --From uniformity to family resemblance : prayer books in the twentieth century. The winds of change / Colin Buchanan. The prayer book 'crisis' in England / Bryan Spinks. The legacy of the Church of South India / Colin Buchanan. The liturgical movement and its consequences / John F. Baldovin. Preserving the classical prayer books / Colin Buchanan --Family portraits : prayer books today. Inculturation and Anglican worship / Ian T. Douglas. Rites and books in Africa. (Anglican liturgies in Eastern Africa / Esther Mombo. The Anglican church of Kenya / Grant LeMarquand. The Church of Nigeria : the Book of common prayer / David C. Okeke. The Church of Nigeria : Occasional services / Emmanuel Ekpunobi. Central African prayer books / Titus Presler. The Province of Southern Africa / Michael Nuttall. Other African provinces : Burundi, Rwanda, and Congo). Rites and books in the Pacific. (The Anglican church of Australia / Charles Sherlock. The Anglican church in Aotearoa, New Zealand, and Polynesia / Kenneth Booth. From Te rawiri to the New Zealand prayer book / Jenny Te Paa. The church of Melanesia / Terry Brown. The Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea / Justus VanHouten. Hawaii). Rites and books in the Americas. (The Episcopal Church in the U.S.A. / Lesley A. Northup. Native American translations. The Anglican Church of Canada / John W.B. Hill. Indigenous Canadian translations. The province of the West Indies / Charles Hefling. The book of common prayer in Spanish / Juan M.C. Oliver). Rites and books in Asia. (The Episcopal Church in the Philippines / Tomas S. Maddela. Japan : Nippon Sei Ko Kai / John M. Yoshida. The Chinese prayer book / Sze-Kar Wan. The Anglican Church of Korea / Nak-Hyon Joseph Joo. The province of Myanmar (Burma) / Katherine E. Babson. The Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East). Rites and books in Europe. (The Church of England : Common worship / Trevor Lloyd. The Scottish Episcopal Church / Gianfranco Tellini. The church in Wales / Robert Paterson. The Church of Ireland / Harold Miller. Anglican churches in Europe / Jeffery Rowthorn) --Worship in the prayer book family. Anglicans and liturgical revision / Richard Geoffrey Leggett. The daily office / John Gibaut. The Eucharist / Ronald Dowling. Sanctifying time : the calendar / Leonel L. Mitchell. Rites of initiation / Ruth A. Meyers. Catechisms / James F. Turrell. Marriage / Gillian Varcoe. Funeral rites / Trevor Lloyd. Anglican ordinals / Richard Geoffrey Leggett --The future of the Book of common prayer. The Book of common prayer and technology / Donald Kraus. The prayer book in cyberspace / Clayton L. Morris. The future of common prayer / Pierre W. Whalon.

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