The origins of the Bible

rethinking canon history / J. W. Miller
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New York
Paulist Press
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vi, 250 p
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Hoiw the Hebrew scriptures became part of the Christian Bible --A first look at when and why they were compiled --The wider background: Israel's rival priestly houses --Differing theologies among the priestly houses --Heightened tensions due to the "Battle of the Prophets" --The Ezra-Nehemiah reforms as a response --The birth of a scripture based community: The Law and the Prophets --Custodians and teachers of the Second Temple Library --Editing and adding "The Other Books" --The Christian Bible in its final form: Concluding reflections. Appendix: The Hebrew Scriptures --Jewish, Catholic and Protestant Bibles compared --Why Jewish, Catholic and Protestant Bibles differ (A synopsis).
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