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The oceans

their physics, chemistry, and general biology / by H. U. Sverdrup, Martin W. Johnson, Richard H. Fleming


The oceans

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New York



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x pages, 1 leaf, 1,087 p. incl. ill., tab., diagr. charts (part folded)

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I. Introduction --II. The Earth and the Ocean Basins --III. Physical Properties of Sea Water --IV. General Distribution of Temperature, Salinity, and Density --. Theory of Distribution of Variables in the Sea --VI. Chemistry of Sea Water --VII. Organisms and the Composition of Sea Water --VIII. The Sea as a Biological Environment --IX. Populations of the Sea --X. Observations and Collections at Sea --XI. General Character of Ocean Currents --XII. Statics and Kinematics --XIII. Dynamics of Ocean Currents --XIV. Waves and Tides --XV. The Water Masses and Currents of the Oceans --XVI. Phytoplankton in Relation to Physical-Chemical Properties of the Environment --XVII. Animals in Relation to Physical-Chemical Properties of the Environment --XVIII. Interrelations of Marine Organisms --XIX. Organic Production in the Sea --XX. Marine Sedimentation.

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