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The occult imagination in Britain, 1875-1947

ed. by Christine Ferguson and Andrew Radford


The occult imagination in Britain, 1875-1947

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Routledge Taylor & Francis Group

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xv, 278 Seiten



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Table of ContentsChristine Ferguson: Introduction Occulture Beyond the Metropole Chapter 1: Michael Shaw, "Theosophy in Scotland: Oriental Occultism and National Identity" Chapter 2: Nick Daly, "The Everyday Occult on Stage: The Play of Lord Dunsany" Chapter 3: Clare Button, " 'A very perfect form of discipline': Rolf Gardiner, folk dance and occult landscapes"Occulting the Public Sphere Chapter 4: Jake Poller, " 'Under a Glamour': Annie Besant, Charles Leadbeater and Neo-Theosophy" Chapter 5: Nick Freeman, "The Black Magic Bogeyman 1908-1935" Chapter 6: Elsa Richardson, "Stemming the Black Tide of Mud: Psychoanalysis and the Occult Periodical, 1910-1924"Women's Occulture Chapter 7: Caroline Tully, "Egyptosophy in the British Museum: Florence Farr, the Egyptian Adept and the Ka" Chapter 8: Dennis Denisoff, "Occult Synaesthetics and Pamela Colman Smith's The Green Sheaf" Chapter 9: Andrew Radford, "Anxieties of Mystic Influence: Dion Fortune's The Winged Bull and Aleister Crowley"Art, Fiction and Occult IntermediationChapter 10: Aren Roukema, "Naturalists in Ghost Land: Victorian Occultism and Science Fiction"Chapter 11: Massimo Introvigne, "Painting the Masters in Britain: From Schmiechen to Scott"Chapter 12: Steven Sutcliffe, " 'Beating on Your Heart': The Novels of David Lindsay and the Cultic Milieu in the 1920s"

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