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The nature and models of metamorphism

V. V. Reverdatto, I. I. Likhanov, O. P. Polyansky [et al.]


The nature and models of metamorphism

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xv, 330 p.


Springer geology



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Contents: Introduction 1. The development of ideas about the mineral transformations and the facies of metamorphism 1. The facies of metamorphism 2. The kinetics of metamorphism 2. Mineral geothermobarometry 3. The causes, geodynamic factors and models of metamorphism 3.1. Types of metamorphism 3.2. Models of metamorphism 3.2.1. Metamorphism caused by additional heat supply Contact metamorphism Zoning metamorphism of moderate pressure Metamorphism associated with magmatic diapirism 3.2.2. Metamorphism at a geothermal gradient near to an average terrestrial value Metamorphism caused by subsidence of the earth's crust in the basins during continental rifting Metamorphism caused by tectonic overcrowding in orogens Metamorphism at the formation of Archaean crust 3.2.3. Collision metamorphism Metamorphism associated with thrusts Metamorphism caused by subduction and underthrusts 4. Metamorphic processes in the rocks 4.1. P-T-t paths as the result of metamorphism evolution 4.2. Mass transfer during metamorphism 4.2.1. Coronites and the model of origin of zonal mineral structures The Korzhinsky - Fisher - Joesten model Mineralogical thermometry with the use of zonal structures 4.2.2. Metamorphic reactions in the matrix The model of dissolution and growth of scattered mineral grains Intergranular mass transfer in the matrix and metamorphic reactions 4.2.3. Estimates of the metamorphic reaction rates Conclusion Appendix

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