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The methods of Breaking bad

essays on narrative, character and ethics / edited by Jacob Blevins and Dafydd Wood


The methods of Breaking bad

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Jefferson, North Carolina


McFarland & Company

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VIII, 213 p.



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Introduction (Jacob Blevins) -- Flies and one-eyed bears: the maturation of a genre -- (Dafydd Wood) -- Flies in the marketplace: Nietzsche and neoliberalism in Breaking bad (Jeffrey R. Di Leo) -- What writers can learn from Breaking bad: the risks and rewards of deliberate disorientation (Neil Connelly) -- Our "word ... is half someone else's": Walt and the literary echoes of Whitman (Miguel E.H. Santos-Neves) -- "Round the decay/of that colossal wreck": pride and guilt as narrative emotions (Pablo Echart and Alberto N. Garcøa) -- Say my name: the fantasy of liberated masculinity (Jason Landrum) -- Patriarchy and the "Heisenberg principle" (Philip Poe) -- Walter White: the psychopath to whom we can all relate? (Meron Wondemaghen) -- Breaking bad stereotypes about postpartum: a case for Skyler White (Rebecca Price-Wood) -- Breaking health care (Matthew A. Butkus) -- Scientific ethics and Breaking bad (Ron W. Darbeau) --Talking 'bout some Heisenberg: experimenting with the mad scientist (Cheryl D. Edelson) -- About the contributors.

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