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The life cycle of psychological ideas

understanding prominence and the dynamics of intellectual change / ed. by T. C. Dalton, R. B. Evans


The life cycle of psychological ideas

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New York


Kluwer Academic/Plenum

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xvi, 364 p.


PATH in psychology



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Putting Prominence in Historical and Analytical Context --Ch. 1. New Growth from Phantom Limbs: Tenuous Attributions to Our Predecessors / Rand B. Evans --Ch. 2. Lost Classics and Forgotten Contributors: James Mark Baldwin as a Case Study in the Disappearance and Rediscovery of Ideas / Robert H. Wozniak --Ch. 3. Reinventing the Past Through Reinterpretation: Reflections on the History of Psychology --35 Years in the Trenches / John A. Popplestone --Ch. 4. High-Impact Research Programs in Psychology: Quantitative and Qualitative Aspects / Dean Keith Simonton --Ch. 5. Tracking Trends in Psychological Science: An Empirical Analysis of the History of Psychology / Jessica L. Tracy, Richard W. Robins and Samuel D. Gosling --Ch. 6. Becoming Big Frogs in a Small Pond: On Gaining Eminence in Comparative Psychology / Donald A. Dewsbury --Ch. 7. Psychology of Homo Sapiens: Changing Comparative Perspectives / Michael C. Corballis and Stephen E. G. Lea --Ch. 8. How Otto Selz Became a Forerunner of the Cognitive Revolution / Pieter J. van Strien and Erik Faas --Ch. 9. Consciousness Regained: The Scientific Restoration of Mind and Brain / Thomas C. Dalton and Bernard J. Baars --Ch. 10. Myrtle McGraw, The Maturation Debate and Aftermath / Thomas C. Dalton --Ch. 11. Contemporary Reconstruction of Developmental Psychology / Sheldon H. White --Ch. 12. Breaking the Silence: Helen Bradford Thompson Woolley / Katharine S. Milar --Ch. 13. Prominence, Schools of Thought and Social Transformation / Thomas C. Dalton.

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