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The ITC international handbook of testing and assessment

ed. by Frederick T. L. Leong


The ITC international handbook of testing and assessment

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New York


Oxford University Press

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XV, 480 pages



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Section 1: Introduction and Overview </strong> -- Chapter 1 Introduction -- Frederick T.L. Leong, Dave Bartram, Fanny M. Cheung, Kurt F. Geisinger, and Dragos Iliescu -- Chapter 2 History and Current Status of Testing across Cultures and Countries -- Ype Poortinga and Eckhard Klieme -- Chapter 3 Brief History of the International Test Commission -- Thomas Oakland -- Chapter 4 The ITC Guidelines: International Standards and Guidelines Relating to Tests and Testing -- Dave Bartram and Ronald K. Hambleton -- Section 2: Domains of Testing and Assessment -- Chapter 5 Measuring and Understanding Intellectual and Other Abilities -- Eleanor Armour-Thomas and Lisa Suzuki -- Chapter 6 Measuring states and traits in motivation and emotion -- Robert A. Roe and Ilke Inceoglu -- Chapter 7 A look inside the toolbox: Measurement procedures in Implicit Social Cognition -- Rebecca Weil -- Chapter 8 Values -- Shalom Schwartz and Jan Cieciuch -- Chapter 9 Assessment of Career Interests -- Frederick T.L. Leong, Weiqiao Fan, and Xiaolu Zhou -- Chapter 10 Personality Assessment -- Dragos Iliescu and Dan Ispas -- Chapter 11 Psychopathology: Psychosis assessment and high-risk paradigms -- Eduardo Fonseca Pedrero, Diane C. Gooding, Martin Debbané, and Jose Muñiz -- Chapter 12 Neuropsychological Assessment -- Anita M. Hubley and Maeve A. Mangaoang -- Section 3: Settings -- Chapter 13 Testing in Educational and Developmental Settings -- Stephen G. Sireci and Fernanda Gándara -- Chapter 14 Test Use in Work Settings -- Dirk D. Steiner and Neal Schmitt -- Chapter 15 Clinical Assessment in International Settings -- James N. Butcher, Giselle A. Hass, and Jacob A. Paulsen -- Chapter 16 Forensic Context Testing -- Martin Fisher, Sarah Brown, Georgia Barnett, and Helen Wakeling -- Chapter 17 Advances in Rehabilitation and Health Assessments -- Elias Mpofu, Ros Madden, Richard Madden, David Kellett, David B. Peterson, W. Dent Gitchel, and Eun-Jeong Lee -- Section 4: Special Populations -- Chapter 18 Testing Individuals with Disabilities: An International Perspective -- Kurt F. Geisinger and Carina McCormick -- Chapter 19 Children and Adolescents -- Diana Joyce-Beaulieu and Carmelo M. Callueng -- Chapter 20 Taking Diversity into Account: Assessment of Older Adults -- Meirong Kuang, Felix-Nicolai Müller, Yang Fang, Helene H. Fung, and Frieder R. Lang -- Chapter 21 Language and Culture in Testing -- Franziska Schwabe, Alina A. von Davier, and Micheline Chalhoub-Deville -- Chapter 22 Testing and Assessment of Immigrants and Second-Language Learners -- Thomas Oakland -- Chapter 23 Indigenous Approaches to Testing and Assessment -- Fanny M. Cheung and Velichko H. Fetvadjiev -- Section 5: Methodological Advances -- Chapter 24 Response Biases -- Eunike Wetzel, Jan R. Böhnke, and Anna Brown -- Chapter 25 Test Adaptations -- Fons J.R. van de Vijver -- Chapter 26 Multigroup Comparisons: Testing for Measurement, Structural, and Latent Mean Equivalence -- Barbara M. Byrne -- Chapter 27 Technology and Testing: Developments in Education, Work, and Healthcare -- Stephen Stark, Jaclyn Martin, and Oleksandr S. Chernyshenko -- Chapter 28 Reliability and Validity: History, Notions, Methods, Discussion -- Paul De Boeck and Paula Elosua -- <strong>Section 6: Problems and Challenges </strong> -- Chapter 29 Ethical Standards, Guidelines, and Related Issues Pertinent to International Testing and Assessment -- Thomas Oakland and Dragos Iliescu -- Chapter 30 Norming -- Dave Bartram and Fons J.R. van de Vijver -- Chapter 31 Assessment Design for Accuracy of Scores, Meaningfulness of Interpretations and Fairness of Decision Making in High-stakes Educational Testing -- Kadriye Ercikan and Avi Allalouf -- Index

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