The handbook of science and technology studies

ed. by Edward J. Hackett [et al.]
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Cambridge, MA
MIT Press
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xiv, 1065 p.
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I. Ideas and perspectives / Michael Lynch. --Science and technology studies and an engaged program / Sergio Sismondo --The social study of science before Kuhn / Stephen Turner --Political theory in science and technology studies / Charles Thorpe --A textbook case revisited--knowledge as a mode of existence / Bruno Latour --The social worlds framework : a theory/methods package / Adele E. Clark and Susan Leigh Star --Feminist STS and the sciences of the artificial / Lucy Suchman --Technological determinism is dead; long live technological determinism / Sally Wyatt --Pramoedya's chickens : postcolonial studies of technoscience / Warwick Anderson and Vincanne Adams. II. Practices, people, and places / Olga Amsterdamska. --Argumentation in science : the cross-fertilization of argumentation theory and science studies / William Keith and William Rehg --STS and the social epistemology of science / Miriam Solomon --Cognitive studies of science and technology / Ronald N. Giere --Give me a laboratory and I will raise a discipline : the past, present, and future politics of laboratory studies in STS / Park Doing --Social studies of scientific imaging and visualization / Regula Valérie Burri and Joseph Dumit --Messy shapes of knowledge--STS explores informatization, new media, and academic work / The Virual Knowledge Studio : / Paul Wouters [and others] --Sites of scientific practice : the enduring importance of place / Christopher R. Henke and Thomas F. Gieryn --Scientific training and the creation of scientific knowledge / Cyrus C.M. Mody and David Kaiser --The coming gender revolution in science / Henry Etzkowitz [and others]. III. Politics and publics / Edward J. Hackett. --Science and the modern world / Steven Shapin --Science and public participation / Massimiano Bucchi and Federico Neresini --Science, technology, and social movements / David Hess [and others] --Patient groups and health movements / Steven Epstein --User-technology relationships : some recent developments / Nelly Oudshoorn and Trevor Pinch --STS and ethics : implications for engineering ethics / Deborah G. Johnson and Jameson M. Wetmore --STS perspectives on scientific governance / Alan Irwin --Expertise : from attribute to attribution and back again? / Robert Evans and Harry Collins. IV. Institutions and economics / Olga Amsterdamska. --The commercialization of science and the response of STS / Philip Mirowski and Esther-Mirjam Sent --Organizational contexts of science : boundaries and relationships between university and industry / Jennifer L. Croissant and Laurel Smith-Doerr --Science, technology, and the military : priorities, preoccupations, and possibilities / Brian Rappert, Brian Balmer, and John Stone --The right patients for the drug : pharmaceutical circuits and the codification of illness / Andrew Lakoff --Making order : law and science in action / Sheila Jasanoff --Knowledge and development / Susan E. Cozzens [and others]. V. Emergent technosciences / Judy Wajcman. --Genomics, STS, and the making of sociotechnical futures / Adam M. Hedgecoe and Paul A Martin --Emerging medical technologies / Linda F. Hogle --Biomedical technologies, cultural horizons, and contested boundaries / Margaret Lock --STS and social studies of finance / Alex Preda --Nature and the environment in science and technology studies / Steven Yearley --Bridging STS and communication studies : scholarship on media and information technologies / Pablo Boczkowski and Leah A. Lievrouw --Anticipatory governance of nanotechnology : foresight, engagement, and integration / Daniel Barben [and others].
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