The handbook of internet studies

ed. by M. Consalvo, C. Ess
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498 p.
Handbooks in communication and media
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The three stages of internet studies / Barry Wellman -Web archiving : between past, present, and future / Niels Brügger -New media, old methods-internet methodologies, and the online/offline divide / Klaus Bruhn Jensen -The internet in everyday life / Maria Bakardjieva -Internet research ethics : past, present, and future / Elizabeth A. Buchanan -Assessing the internet's impact on language / Naomi S. Baron -Internet policy / Sandra Braman -Political discussion online / Jennifer Stromer-Galley and Alexis Wichowski -Does the internet empower? : a look at the internet and international development / Deborah Wheeler -Internet and health communication / Lorna Heaton -Internet and religion / Heidi Campbell -Indigenous peoples on the internet / Laurel Dyson -Queering internet studies : intersections of gender and sexuality / Janne Bromseth and Jenny Sunden Community and the internet / Lori Kendall -MOOs to MMOs : the internet and virtual worlds / Mia Consalvo -Internet, children, and youth / Sonia Livingstone -Internet and games / T.L. Taylor -Social networks 2.0 / Nancy Baym -Newly mediated media : understanding the changing internet landscape of the media industries / P. David Marshall -Online pornography : ubiquitous and effaced / Susanna Paasonen -Internet and music / Robert Burnett -Why and how online sociability became part and parcel of teenage life / Marika Lüders.
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