The gathering storm in the churches

J. K. Hadden
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Garden City, N.Y.
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xxix, 257 pages
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ch. 1 The threefold crisis. The crisis of meaning and purpose -- Crisis of belief -- Crisis of authority -- ch. 2 The nature of religious belief. The religious beliefs of protestant clergy -- The religious beliefs of protestant laity -- Summary -- ch. 3 Religious beliefs and social issues. Introduction -- The religious and social beliefs of clergy -- Reciprocal influences of clergy and laity -- The religious and social benefits of laity -- ch. 4 Clergy and laity view the civil rights issue. Introduction -- Attitudes of clergy about civil rights -- Extent of clergy involvement in civil rights activity -- Attitudes of church -- Laity about civil rights -- Lay attitudes toward clergy -- Involvement in civil rights activity -- Summary -- ch. 5 The struggle for involvement. Introduction -- The road to involvement -- Historical perspective on clergy involvement -- Structural restraints in the south and the role of outside agitators -- Structural freedom and the non-parish clergyman -- Summary -- ch. 6 Collision with reality. Introduction -- The clergyman's crisis of identity -- Some thoughts for the new breed
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