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The essential HBO reader

ed. by G. R. Edgerton, J. P. Jones


The essential HBO reader

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The University Press of Kentucky

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ix, 357 p.


Essential readers in contemporary media and culture



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Overview : producing an aristocracy of culture in American television / Christopher Anderson -- Films / Dana Heller -- Oz / Michele Malach -- The Sopranos / David Thorburn -- Six feet under / Kim Akass and Janet McCabe -- The wire / Brian G. Rose -- Deadwood / Horace Newcomb -- Tanner '88 / Joanne Morreale -- From the earth to the moon / Michael Allen -- Band of brothers / Thomas Schatz -- Angels in America / Gary R. Edgerton -- Overview : at home on the cutting edge / Bambi Haggins and Amanda D. Lotz -- Comedy talk shows / Jeffrey P. Jones -- The Larry Sanders show / George Plasketes -- Sex and the city / Ron Simon -- Curb your enthusiasm / David Lavery -- Overview : it isn't TV, it's the "real king of the ring" / Toby Miller and Linda J. Kim -- Overview : form and function / Thomas A. Mascaro -- America undercover / Susan Murray -- Erotica / Jeffrey P. Jones -- Theatricals / Carolyn Anderson -- What has HBO ever done for women? / Janet McCabe and Kim Akass -- HBO's ongoing legacy / Gary R. Edgerton and Jeffrey P. Jones


This is a comprehensive and compelling examination of HBO, one of cable television's most innovative and popular US TV networks.

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