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The emergence of a discipline

Rochester Symposium on Developmental Psychology / ed. by D. Cicchetti


The emergence of a discipline

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Vol. 1

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Hillsdale [et al.]


Lawrence Erlbaum Associates

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XII, 310 p.



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Contents: D. Cicchetti, Developmental Psychopathology: Past, Present, and Future. L.A. Sroufe, Pathways to Adaptation and Maladaptation: Psychopathology as Developmental Deviation. A.J. Sameroff, Models of Developmental Regulation: The Environtype. D.M. Tucker, Neural and Psychological Maturation in a Social Context. J.R. Weisz, Culture and the Development of Child Psychopathology: Lessons from Thailand. M.R. Gunnar, S. Mangelsdorf, R. Kestenbaum, S. Lang, M. Larson, D. Andreas, Stress and Coping in Early Development. T. Field, Maternal Depression Effects on Infant Interaction and Attachment Behavior. M. Sigman, The Application of Developmental Knowledge to a Clinical Problem: The Study of Childhood Autism. R.F. Asarnow, J.R. Asarnow, R. Strandburg, Schizophrenia: A Developmental Perspective. W.G. Iacono, M. Beiser, Age of Onset, Temporal Stability, and Eighteen-Month Course of First-Episode Psychosis. A.S. Masten, Resilience in Development: Implications of the Study of Successful Adaptation for Developmental Psychopathology.

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