The Dead Sea scrolls uncovered

The first complete translation and interpretation of 50 key documents withheld for over 35 years / R. H. Eisenman, M. Wise
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New York
Penguin books
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X, 286 с., [8] л. ил.
A Penguin book
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1. Messianic and Visionary Recitals. 1. The Messiah of Heaven and Earth (4Q521). 2. The Messianic Leader (Nasi --4Q285). 3. The ervants of Darkness (4Q471). 4. The Birth of Noah (4Q534-536). 5. The Words of Michael (4Q529). 6. The New Jerusalem (4Q554). 7. The e f Evil (A Fragmentary Apocalypse --4Q458) --2. Prophets and Pseudo-Prophets. 8. The Angels of Mastemoth and the Rule of Belial 4Q390). . Pseudo-Jeremiah (4Q385). 10. Second Ezekiel (4Q385-389). 11. Pseudo-Daniel (4Q243-245). 12. The Son of God (4Q246). 13. Vision of he our Kingdoms (4Q547) --3. Biblical Interpretation. 14. A Genesis Florilegium (4Q252). 15. Joshua Apocryphon (4Q522). 16. A Biblical hronology (4Q559). 17. Hur and Miriam (4Q544). 18. Enochic Book of Giants (4Q532). 19. Pseudo-Jubilees (4Q227). 20. Aramaic Tobit 4Q196). 21. Stories from the Persian Court (4Q550) --4. Calendrical Texts and Priestly Courses. 22. Priestly Courses I (4Q321). 23. riestly Courses II (4Q320). 24. Priestly Courses III --Aemilius Kills (4Q323-324A-B). 25. Priestly Courses IV (4Q325). 26. Heavenly oncordances (Otot --4Q319A) --5. Testaments and Admonitions. 27. Aramaic Testament of Levi (4Q213-214). 28. A Firm Foundation (Aaron A -4Q541). 29. Testament of Kohath (4Q542). 30. Testament of Amram (4Q543, 545-548). 31. Testament of Naphtali (4Q215). 32. Admonitions o the Sons of Dawn (4Q298). 33. The Sons of Righteousness (Proverbs --4Q424). 34. The Demons of Death (Beatitudes --4Q525) --6. Works eckoned as Righteousness --Legal Texts. 35. The First Letter on Works Reckoned as Righteousness (4Q394-398). 36. The Second Letter on orks Reckoned as Righteousness (4Q397-399). 37. A Pleasing Fragrance (Halakhah A --4Q251). 38. Mourning, Seminal Emissions, etc. Purity Laws Type A --4Q274). 39. Laws of the Red Heifer (Purity Laws Type B --4Q276-277). 40. The Foundations of Righteousness (The nd f the Damascus Document: An Excommunication Text --4Q266) --7. Hymns and Mysteries. 41. The Chariots of Glory (4Q286-287). 42. aptismal Hymn (4Q414). 43. Hymns of the Poor (4Q434, 436). 44. The Children of Salvation (Yesha) and The Mystery of Existence (4Q416, 18) --8. Divination, Magic and Miscellaneous. 45. Brontologion (4Q318). 46. A Physiognomic Text (4Q561). 47. An Amulet Formula Against vil Spirits (4Q560). 48. The Era of Light is Coming (4Q462). 49. He Loved His Bodily Emissions (A Record of Sectarian Discipline --4Q477). 50. Paean for King Jonathan (Alexander Jannaeus --4Q448)
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