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The courage to be

Paul Tillich ; with a new introd. by H. Cox


The courage to be

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New Haven


Yale University Press

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xlvi, 187 p.



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1.Being and courage. Courage and fortitude : from Plato to Thomas Aquinas ; Courage and wisdom : the Stoics ; Courage and self-affirmation : Spinoza ; Courage and life : Nietzsche 2.Being, nonbeing, and anxiety. An ontology of anxiety ; Types of anxiety 3.Pathological anxiety, vitality, and courage. The nature of pathological anxiety ; Anxiety, religion, and medicine ; Vitality and courage 4.Courage and participation (the courage to be as a part). Being, individualization, and participation ; Collectivist and semicollectivist manifestations of the courage to be as a part ; The courage to be as a part in democratic conformism 5.Courage and individualization (the courage to be as oneself). The rise of modern individualism and the courage to be as oneself ; The Romantic and Naturalistic forms of the courage to be as oneself ; Existentialist forms of the courage to be as oneself ; Existentialism today and the courage of despair 6.Courage and transcendence (the courage to accept acceptance). The power of being as source of the courage to be ; The courage to be as the key to being-itself.

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