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The contentious alliance

trade unions and the Labour Party / L. Minkin


The contentious alliance

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Edinburgh University Press

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xix, 677 p.



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Part 1 Foundations: movement; regulation; achievement; settlement. Part 2 Interaction: dynamics 1959-89. Part 3 Ideology and reconstruction - the problems: left wing trade unionism, socialism and party reform; trade union leadership, democracy and constitutional revolt 1979-1982; right-wing social democracy, trade unionism and the Labour Party. Part 4 Representation of labour: sponsorship. Part 5 Policy-making and policy-makers: the block vote - process and policy; the block vote - electing the leadership; the block vote - the trajectory of reform; policy formulation - procedure process and role; policy formulation - the key issues addendum - policy review 1987-1990. Part 6 Mobilization and organization: TULV - politics and organization; TULV/TUFL and the crisis of party finance; union political fund, ballots and the role of the Labour Party; trade unionists for labour; trade unionism and the politics of party HQ. Part 7 Appraisal: "rules", power and transformation; the contentious alliance.

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