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The Cambridge handbook of social representations

ed. by G. Sammut [et al.]


The Cambridge handbook of social representations

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Cambridge University Press

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xv, 481 p.


Cambridge handbooks in psychology



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Part I. Foundations. 1. Social representations: a revolutionary paradigm? / Gordon Sammut, Eleni Andreouli, George Gaskell and Jaan Valsiner --2. Representation in action / Wolfgang Wagner --3. Social representations and societal psychology / Claudia Abreu Lopes and George Gaskell --4. On (social) representations and the iconoclastic impetus / Martin W. Bauer --5. Researching social representations / Uwe Flick, Juliet Foster and Sabine Caillaud --Part II. Conceptual developments. 6. Central core theory / Pascal Moliner and Jean-Claude Abric --7. Attitudes, social representations and points of view / Gordon Sammut --8. Communication and the microgenetic construction of knowledge / Charis Psaltis --9. Image, social imaginary and social representations / Angela Arruda --10. Collective remembering as a process of social representation / Brady Wagoner --11. Cognitive polyphasia, knowledge encounters and public spheres / Sandra Jovchelovitch and Jacqueline Priego-Hernández --12. Making community: diversity, movement and interdependence / Caroline Howarth, Flora Cornish and Alex Gillespie --Part III. New directions. 13. Social representations and social construction: the evolutionary perspective of installation theory / Saadi Lahlou --14. From representations to representing: on social representations and discursive-rhetorical psychology / Stephen Gibson --15. Positioning theory and social representations / Rom Harr and Fathali Moghaddam --16. Social semiotics and social representations / Giuseppe Veltri --17. Identity process theory / Glynis Breakwell --Part IV. Applications. 18. Representations of world history / James H. Liu and Chris G. Sibley --19. Social order and political legitimacy / Christian Staerkl --20. Social representations of sustainability: researching time, institution, conflict and communication / Paula Castro --21. Social representations of national identity in culturally diverse societies / Eleni Andreouli and Xenia Chryssochoou --22. The essentialised refugee: representations of racialized 'Others' / Martha Augoustinos, Scott Hanson-Easey and Clemence Due --23. Exploring stability and change through social representations: towards an understanding of religious communities / Mohammad Sartawi --24. Of worlds and objects: scientific knowledge and its publics / Nicole Kronberger --25. The self-control ethos / Helene Joffe --26. Social representations of infectious diseases / Véronique Eicher and Adrian Bangerter --27. Social change, social marketing and social representations / Mary Anne Lauri

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