The Cambridge companion to Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics

ed. by R. M. Polansky
Место издания:
New York
Cambridge University Press
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XII, 474 p.
Cambridge companions
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1. Introduction: ethics as practical science Ron Polansky; 2. Beginning with eudaimonia C. D. C. Reeve; 3. Happiness and the external goods T. D. Roche; 4. Why is Aristotle's virtue of character a mean? Taking Aristotle at his word (NE II.6) Lesley Brown; 5. Choice and moral responsibility (NE III.1-5) Susanne Bobzien; 6. Courage and temperance Giles Pearson; 7. The social virtues (NE IV) Helen Cullyer; 8. Giving justice its due Ron Polansky; 9. The book on wisdom Carolo Natali; 10. Phronesis and the virtues (NE VI.12-13) Daniel Russell; 11. Was Aristotle a Humean? A partisan guide to the debate Jessica Moss; 12. Aristotle's analysis of akratic action Hendrik Lorenz; 13. Philosophical virtue: in defense of the grand end Kristen Inglis; 14. The Nicomachean Ethics on pleasure Verity Harte; 15. Finding oneself with friends Patrick Miller; 16. Competing ways of life and ring-composition (NE X.6-8) Thornton Lockwood; 17. The relationship between Aristotle's ethical and political discourses (NE X.9) Rachana Kamtekar; 18. Protreptic aspects of Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics D. S. Hutchinson and Monte Ransome Johnson; 19. The Eudemian Ethics and its controversial relationship to the Nicomachean Ethics Lawrence Jost; 20. Topical bibliography to Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics Thornton Lockwood
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