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The California School of Organizational Studies handbook of consulting psychology

a comprehensive guide to skills and techniques / ed. by R. L. Lowman


The California School of Organizational Studies handbook of consulting psychology

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San Francisco, Calif.


Jossey-Bass ; Chichester : Wiley

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384 p.



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Introduction (Rodney L. Lowman). PART ONE: FOUNDATIONS OF ORGANIZATIONAL CONSULTING PSYCHOLOGY. 1. Individual-Level Variables in Organizational Consultation (Andrew D. Carson and Rodney L. Lowman). 2. Organizational Consulting to Groups and Teams (Arthur M. Freedman and E. Skipton Leonard). 3. The Organizational Level of Analysis: Consulting to the Implementation of New Organizational Designs (Susan Albers Mohrman). 4. The Role of Systems Theory in Consulting Psychology (Dale R. Fuqua and Jody L. Newman). PART TWO: INDIVIDUAL LEVEL APPLICATIONS. 5. Individual Interventions in Consulting Psychology (Richard R. Kilburg). 6. The Effectiveness of Executive Coaching: What We Know and What We Still Need to Know (Sheila Kampa and Randall P. White). 7. A Consultant's Guide to Understanding and Promoting Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace (Shani Robins). 8. Assessing Candidates for Leadership Positions (Andrew N. Garman). 9. Enhancing Peak Potential in Managers and Leaders: Integrating Knowledge and Findings from Sport Psychology (Sandra Foster). PART THREE: GROUP LEVEL APPLICATIONS. 10. Successfully Implementing Teams in Organizations (Douglas A. Johnson, Michael M. Beyerlein, Joseph W. Huff, Terry R. Halfhill, and Rodger D. Ballentine). 11. The Psychoanalytic Approach to Team Development (Pieter Koortzen and Frans Cilliers). 12. Organizational Consulting to Virtual Teams (Joanie B. Connell). PART FOUR: ORGANIZATIONAL LEVEL ISSUES. 13. Assessing Organizations (Harry Levinson). 14. Organizational Evaluation: Issues and Methods (E. Jane Davidson). 15. Leadership Development in Organizational Consulting (Steven W. Graham and Debra A. G. Robinson). PART FIVE: BRIDGING LEVELS. 16. Proactive Ways to Improve Leadership Performance (Fred E. Fiedler). 17. Psychological Consultation to Organizations: Linking Assessmentand Intervention (Harry Levinson). 18. Integrating Individual Assessment, Position Requirements, Team-Based Competencies, and Organizational Vision: Roles for Consulting Psychologists (John T. Kulas, Brad A. Haynes, Suzanne M. Kalten, Pamela J. Hopp, and Rebekah L. Duffala). PART SIX: ISSUES IN CONSULTING TO SPECIFIC TYPES OF ORGANIZATIONS AND FOR SPECIFIC TYPES OF CONSULTING. 19. Consulting to For-Profit Organizations (Cecelia L. Brock). 20. The Role of Leaders and Consultants in Fostering International Organizations (Nurcan Ensari). 21. Assessment and Intervention Issues in International Organizational Consulting (Ann M. O'Roark). 22. Cross-Cultural Issues in International Organizational Consultation (Virginia Mullin and Stewart Cooper). 23. Consulting with Healthcare Organizations (Ira M. Levin). 24. Organizational Consulting on Healthy Lifestyles (Paul Lloyd and Louis Veneziano). 25. Appreciative Inquiry as an Approach for Organizational Consulting (Peter F. Sorensen, Jr. and Therese F. Yaeger). PART SEVEN: MEASUREMENT, EVALUATION, AND EFFECTIVENESS ISSUES. 26. Interventions That Work (and Some That Don't): An ExecutiveSummary of the Organizational Change Literature (Terry R. Halfhill, Joseph W. Huff, Douglas A. Johnson, Rodger D. Ballentine, and Michael M. Beyerlein). 27. Assessing the Impact of Organizational Consulting (Paul C. Winum, Tjai M. Nielsen, and Robert E. Bradford). 28. Understanding Organizational Processes and Performance: A Continuous Improvement Model for Consulting Psychologists (Delbert M. Nebeker and B. Charles Tatum). 29. A Strategic Approach to Measuring Organizational Performance: Tools for the Consulting Psychologist (B. Charles Tatum and Delbert M. Nebeker). PART EIGHT: PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE ISSUES. 30. Issues in the Ethical Practice of Consulting Psychology (Jody L. Newman, Sharon E. Robinson-Kurpius, and Dale R. Fuqua). 31. Recommendations for Managing Consultants: The View from Inside the Corporation (Karen M. Grabow). Appendix: Principles for Education and Training at the Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Level in Consulting Psychology/Organizational. About the Editor. About the Contributors. Name Index. Subject Index.

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