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The American voter

Angus Campbell, Philip E. Converse, Warren E. Miller, Donald E. Stokes


The American voter

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The University of Chicago Press

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573 p.


Midway Reprint

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Contents: Section I- Introductory; 1. Setting; 2. Theoretical Orientation; Section II- Political Attitudes of the Vote; 3. Perceptions of the Parties and Candidates; 4. Partisan Choice; 5. Voting Turnout; Section III- The Political Context; 6. The Impact of Party Identification; 7. The Development of Party Identification; 8. Public Policy and Political Preference; 9. Attitude Structure and the Problem of Ideology; 10. The Formation of Issue Concepts and Partisan Change; 11. Election Laws and Political Environment; Section IV- The Social and Economic Context; 12. Membership in Social Groupings; 13. The Role of Social Class; 14. Economic Antecedents of Political Behavior; 15. Agrarian Political Behavior; 16. Population Movement; 17. The Electoral Effects of Other Social Characteristics; 18. Personality Factors in Voting Behavior; Section V- The Electoral Decision and the Political System; 19. The Electoral Decision; 20. Electoral Behavior and American Politics; Index.

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