Sylvia Warblers

identification, taxonomy and phylogeny of the genus Sylvia / Andreas Helbig, Gabriel Gargallo, Hadoram Shirihai
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Bloomsbury Publishing
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577 p.
Helm identification guides
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COVER; CONTENTS; LIST OF COLOUR PLATES; LIST OF PHOTOGRAPHIC PLATES; PREFACE; ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS; INTRODUCTION; Background to the research work; A user's guide; Taxonomic approach; Moult and plumage terminology; Age classes; Field identification; Ageing; Sexing; Colours; Measurements; Identification in-the-hand; Distribution maps; Layout of the book; Synopsis of species accounts; Abbreviations; Bird topography; THE CHARACTERISTICS OF THE GENUS; Phylogeny and biogeography of the genus Sylvia; Phylogeny and systematics; Biogeography and regional diversity. General biology and ecology of the genus SylviaGeneral biology and ecology; Migration; Moult patterns and strategy; SPECIES ACCOUNTS; Palearctic Sylvia warblers; Blackcap S. atricapilla; Garden Warbler S. borin; Barred Warbler S. nisoria; Lesser Whitethroat S. [curruca]; Western and Eastern Orphean Warblers S. [hortensis]; Arabian Warbler S. leucomelaena; Asian and African Desert Warblers S. [nana]; Common Whitethroat S. communis; Dartford Warbler S. undata; Marmora's and Balearic Warblers S. [sarda]; Tristram's Warbler S. deserticola; Spectacled Warbler S. conspicillata. Subalpine Warbler S. cantillansSardinian Warbler S. melanocephala; Ménétries's Warbler S. mystacea; Rüppell's Warbler S. rueppelli; Cyprus Warbler S. melanothorax; Afrotropical (Arabian) Sylvia (former 'Parisoma'); Yemen Warbler S. buryi; Brown Sylvia S. lugens; Chestnut-vented Warbler S. subcaeruleum; Layard's Warbler S. layardi; Banded Sylvia S. boehmi; REFERENCES; APPENDIX: BODY MASS OF SYLVIA SPECIES; INDEX; A; B; C; D; E; G; H; L; M; N; R; S; T; U; W; Y.
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