Successful aging

perspectives from the behavioral sciences / ed. by P. B. Baltes and M. M. Baltes
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Cambridge University Press
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XV, 397 p.
European network on longitudinal studies on individual development
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Psychological perspectives on successful aging : the model of selective optimization with compensation / Paul B. Baltes and Margret M. Baltes --Medical perspectives upon successful aging / James F. Fries --Successful aging in a post-retired society / David L. Featherman, Jacqui Smith, and James G. Peterson --The optimization of cognitive functioning in old age : predictions based on cohort-sequential and longitudinal data / K. Warner Schaie --The optimization of episodic remembering in old age / Lars Bäckman, Timo Mäntylä, and Agneta Herlitz --Peak performance and age : an examination of peak performance in sports / K. Anders Ericsson --Personal control over development and quality of life perspectives in adulthood / Jochen Brandtstädter and Bernhard Baltes-Götz. Successful mastery of bereavement and widowhood : a life-course perspective / Camille B. Wortman and Roxane Cohen Silver --The Bonn longitudinal study of aging : coping, life adjustment, and life satisfaction / Georg Rudinger and Hans Thomae --Risk and protective factors in the transition to young adulthood / Barbara Maughan and Lorna Champion --Avoiding negative life outcomes : evidence from a forty-five year study / George E. Vaillant --Developmental behavorial genetics and successful aging / Nancy L. Pedersen and Jennifer R. Harris
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