States and social revolutions

a comparative analysis of France, Russia, and China / T. Skocpol
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Cambridge University Press
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xvii, 407 p.
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Introduction: Explaining social revolutions : alternatives to existing theories. A structural perspective ; International and world-historical contexts ; The potential autonomy of the state ; A comparative historical method ; Why France, Russia, and China? --Part I: Causes of social revolutions in France, Russia, and China. Old-regime states in crisis. Old regime France : the contradictions of Bourbon absolutism ; Manchu China : from the Celestial Empire to the fall of the imperial system ; Imperial Russia : an underdeveloped great power ; Japan and Prussia as contrasts --Agrarian structures and peasant insurrections. Peasants against seigneurs in the French Revolution ; The revolution of the Obshchinas : peasant radicalism in Russia ; Two counterpoints : the absence of peasant revolts in the English and German revolutions ; Peasant incapacity and gentry vulnerability in China --Part II: Outcomes of social revolutions in France, Russia, and China. What changed and how : a focus on state building. Political leaderships ; The role of revolutionary ideologies --The birth of a "modern state edifice" in France. A bourgeois revolution? ; The effects of the social-revolutionary crisis of 1789 ; War, the Jacobins, and Napoleon ; The new regime --The emergence of a dictatorial party-state in Russia. The effects of the social-revolutionary crisis of 1917 ; The Bolshevik struggle to rule ; The Stalinist "revolution from above" ; The new regime --The rise of a mass-mobilizing party-state in China. The social-revolutionary situation after 1911 ; The rise and decline of the urban-based Kuomintang ; The communists and the peasants ; The new regime.
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