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Solution-focused brief therapy

a handbook of evidence-based practice / ed. by C. Franklin [et al.]


Solution-focused brief therapy

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New York


Oxford University Press

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448 pages



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Section I: Origins and Treatment Manual for Solution-Focused Brief Therapy ; 1. The Evolution of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy ; Eve Lipchik, James Derks, Marilyn LaCourt, and Elam Nunnally ; 2. Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Treatment Manual ; Terry S. Trepper, Eric E. McCollum, Peter De Jong, Harry Korman, Wallace J. Gingerich, and Cynthia Franklin ; Section II: Measuring Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Practice ; 3. The Development of a Solution-Focused Fidelity Instrument: A Pilot Study ; Peter Lehmann and Joy D. Patton ; 4. A Review of Solution-Focused, Standardized Outcome Measures and Other Strengths-Oriented Outcome Measures ; Sara A. Smock ; 5. Incorporating Outcome and Session Rating Scales in Solution-Focused Brief Therapy ; J. Arthur Gillaspy, Jr. and John J. Murphy ; Section III: Reviews of the Research ; 6. Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Outcome Research ; Wallace J. Gingerich, Johnny S. Kim, Geert J. J. M. Stams, and Alasdair J. Macdonald ; 7. A Systematic Review of Single-Case Design Studies on Solution-Focused Brief Therapy ; Johnny S. Kim ; 8. Review of Outcomes With Children and Adolescents With Externalizing Behavior Problems ; Jacqueline Corcoran ; 9. What Works in Solution-Focused Brief Therapy: A Review of Change Process Research ; Jay McKeel ; 10. Connecting the Lab to the Therapy Room: Microanalysis, Co-construction, and Solution-Focused Brief Therapy ; Janet Beavin Bavelas ; Section IV: Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Effectiveness With Clinical Populations ; 11. Solution-Focused Model With Court Mandated, Domestic Violence Offenders ; Mo Yee Lee, Adriana Uken, and John Sebold ; 12. Solution-Focused Brief Therapy in the Conjoint Couples Treatment of Intimate Partner Violence ; Eric E. McCollum, Sandra M. Stith, and Cynthia J. Thomsen ; 13. Solution-Focused Brief Therapy and Medication Adherence With Schizophrenic Patients ; Plamen A. Panayotov, Boyan E. Strahilov, and Aneta Y. Anichkina ; 14. Signs of Safety and the Child Protection Movement ; John Wheeler and Viv Hogg ; 15. Solution-Focused Family Therapy for Troubled and Runaway Youths ; Sanna J. Thompson and Katherine Sanchez ; 16. Solution-Focused Brief Therapy in School Settings ; Cynthia Franklin, Johnny S. Kim, and Kaitlin Stewart Brigman ; 17. Taking Charge: A Solution-Focused Intervention for Pregnant and Parenting Adolescents ; Mary Beth Harris and Cynthia Franklin ; 18. Solution-Focused Brief Therapy in Alcohol Treatment ; Stephan Hendrick, Luc Isebaert, and Yvonne Dolan ; Section V: Research on Innovative Practice Programs ; 19. From Solution to Description: Practice and Research in Tandem ; Guy Shennan and Chris Iveson ; 20. Outcomes of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy for Adolescents in Foster Care and Health Care Institutions ; Rytis Pakrosnis and Viktorija Cepukiene ; 21. Solution-Focused Approaches in Management ; Mark McKergow ; 22. Solution-Focused Life Coaching ; Suzy Green ; 23. Making Classrooms More Solution-Focused for Teachers and Students: The WOWW Teacher Coaching Intervention ; Michael S. Kelly, Michele Liscio, Robin Bluestone-Miller, and Lee Shilts ; 24. Research and Development of a Solution-Focused High School ; Cynthia Franklin, Katherine L. Montgomery, Victoria Baldwin, and Linda Webb ; 25. Applying a Solution-Focused Approach to Health Interviews in Japan ; Norio Mishima ; Epilogue: The Future of Research in Solution-Focused Brief Therapy ; Terry S. Trepper and Cynthia Franklin

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