Social media, religion, and spirituality

ed. by M. Gillespie [et al.]
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De Gruyter
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Religion and Society ; 53
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1. Introduction: Social Media and Religious Change / Herbert, David ; Gillespie, Marie --2. Media and the Sacred: An Evaluation of the 'Strong Program' within Cultural Sociology / Lynch, Gordon --3. Christianity, Secularism and Religious Diversity in the British Media / Knott, Kim ; Poole, Elizabeth ; Taira, Teemu --4. Religion for a Postsecular Society? Discourses of Gender, Religion and Secularity in the Reception of BBC2's The Monastery and The Convent / Thomas, Lyn --5. Paradise Lost? Islamophobia, Post-liberalism and the Dismantling of State Multiculturalism in the Netherlands: The Role of Mass and Social Media / Herbert, David --6. Modern-day Martyrs: Fans' Online Reconstruction of Celebrities as Divine / Haughey, Rebecca ; Campbell, Heidi A. --7. Radical Islam, Globalisation and Social Media: Martyrdom Videos on the Internet / Nauta, Arjen --8. Grassroots Religion: Facebook and Offline Post-Denominational Judaism / Abrams, Nathan ; Baker, Sally ; Brown, B.J. --9. Truck Stops and Fashion Shows: A Case Study of the Discursive Performance of Evangelical Christian Group Affiliation on YouTube / Pihlaja, Stephen --10. Bounded Religious Communities' Management of the Challenge of New Media: Baha'í Negotiation with the Internet / Campbell, Heidi A. ; Fulton, Drake --11. Life, Death and Everyday Experience of Social Media / Greenhill, Anita ; Fletcher, Gordon --12. List of Contributors --Index
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