Shadows of New Guinea

art from the great island of Oceania in the Barbier-Mueller Collections / ed. by P. Peltier, F. Morin ; texts J. A. Bell [et al.]
Место издания:
Musée Barbier-Mueller
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470 p.
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An introduction / Philippe Peltier--The Korwar area / Dirk Smidt--The Lake Sentani region / Anna-Karina Hermkens--The Abelam / Ludovic Coupaye--The Sepik River / Christian Kaufmann--The Astrolabe Bay / Pieter Ter Keurs--The Huon Gulf / Pieter Ter Keurs--The Massim area / Harry Beran--The Gulf of Papua / Joshua A. Bell--The Torres Strait / Anita Herle--The highlands / Philippe Peltier--The Marind-Anim art / Dirk Smidt--The Asmat art / Dirk Smidt--The Kamoro art / Dirk Smidt--Adorning the body / Ingrid Heermann--Drums / Don Niles--Shields. Emblems of identity / Christian Kaufmann ; Asmat shields / Dirk Smidt--Catalogue.
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