Russia's first civil war

the Time of Troubles and the founding of the Romanov dynasty / C. S. L. Dunning
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University Park, PA
Pennsylvania State University Press
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xiii, 657 p.
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A Comparative Approach to the Problem of Origins of the Civil War --Long-Term Origins: The Growth of Autocracy and Imperialism --Ivan the Terrible and Russia's Slide into Crisis --The Rise of Boris Godunov, the Uglich Tragedy, and Enserfment --The Southern Frontier and the Cossacks --The Beginning of the Time of Troubles and the Great Famine --What Triggered the Civil War? --The Pretender Dmitrii Ivanovich --Dmitrii's Invasion and the Beginning of the Civil War --Tsar Boris Strikes Back and the Civil War Widens --The Death of Tsar Boris and Dmitrii's Triumph --The Short Reign of Tsar Dmitrii --Assassination of the Tsar --Vasilii Shuiskii Seizes Power and Rekindles the Civil War --The Beginning of the "Bolotnikov Rebellion" --The Civil War Widens and the Rebels Advance to Moscow --The Siege of Moscow --Retreat from Moscow, the Siege of Kaluga, and the Rise of Tsarevich Petr --Collapse of the Siege of Kaluga and the Beginning of Tsar Vasilii's Offensive --The Siege of Tula and the Resurrection of "Tsar Dmitrii" --Tsar Vasilii's Struggle Against the Tushino Impostor --Foreign Intervention and the Formation of the National Liberation Movement --The End of the Civil War and the Election of Mikhail Romanov --Tsar Mikhail and the End of the Time of Troubles --Disturbing Legacy.
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