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Reptiles and amphibians of Australia

H. G. Cogger


Reptiles and amphibians of Australia

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Clayton South


CSIRO Publishing

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184 pages

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Introduction -- Descriptions -- Zoological names -- Common names -- Illustrations -- The distribution maps and how to interpret them -- Patterns of frog and reptile distributions in Australia -- Compiling species lists -- Habit -- Subspecies -- Making an identification -- Conservation and protection -- Location of specimens for photography or for authorised capture -- Collecting/sampling methods -- Transporting live specimens -- Preservation of specimens -- Captive specimens -- Introduced (exotic) species -- Snakebite and its treatment -- Amphibians -- Frogs -- Diagnostic characters in frogs -- Family Limnodynastidae (Limnodynastid Frogs) -- Family Myobatrachidae (Southern Frogs) -- Family Hylidae (Tree Frogs) -- Family Microhylidae (Narrow-mouthed Toads) -- Family Ranidae (`True' Frogs) -- Family Bufonidae (`True' Toads) -- Reptiles -- Crocodiles -- Family Crocodylidae (Crocodiles) -- Turtles and tortoises -- Diagnostic characters in turtles -- Family Cheloniidae (Sea-turtles) -- Note continued: Family Dermochelyidae (Leathery Turtle) -- Family Carettochelydidae (Pitted-shelled Turtle) -- Family Chelidae (Side-necked Tortoises) -- Lizards -- Diagnostic characters in lizards -- Family Carphodactylidae (Southern Padless Geckos) -- Family Diplodactylidae (Austral Geckos) -- Family Gekkonidae (Typical Geckos) -- Family Pygopodidae (Snake-lizards) -- Family Scincidae (Skinks) -- Family Agamidae (Dragon Lizards) -- Family Varanidae (Goannas or Monitor Lizards) -- Snakes -- Diagnostic characters in snakes -- Family Typhlopidae (Blind Snakes) -- Family Boidae (Pythons) -- Family Acrochordidae (File Snakes) -- Family Colubridae (Colubrid Snakes) -- Family Homalopsidae (Water Snakes) -- Family Elapidae (Elapid Snakes) -- Family Elapidae, subfamily Hydrophiinae (Elapid Land Snakes) -- Family Elapidae, subfamily Hydrophiinae (Elapid Sea Snakes) -- Family Elapidae, subfamily Laticaudinae (Elapid Sea Kraits)

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