Religion and politics

European and global perspectives / edited by Johann P. Arnason and Ireneusz Paweł Karolewski
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Edinburgh University Press
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vi, 232 pages
Annual of European and global studies
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The Religio-political nexus : historical and comparative reflections / Johann P. Arnason -- Politics and religion in a global age / Jeffrey Haynes -- Comparative secularisims and the politics of modernity / Linell E. Cady and Elizabeth Shakman Hurd -- Europe in the global rise of religious nationalism / Mark Juergensmeyer -- The European Union's civil religion in the making? / Ireneusz Paweł Karolweski -- Democracy, secularism and Islam in Turkey / Ayhan Kaya -- Orthodox religion and politics in post-Soviet Russia / Mikhail Maslovskiy and Nikita Shangin -- Religion and politics, church and state in Chinese history / John Lagerwey -- Religion and the state in contemporary Japan / Elisabetta Porcu -- Arab revolutions and political Islam : a structural approach / Karel Černý -- Beyond post-secularism : religion in political analysis (review article) / Michał Matlak
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