Religion and global order

ed. by R. Robertson, W. R. Garrett
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New York
Paragon House
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322 pages
Religion and the political order ; 4.
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Religion and globalization : an introduction / William R. Garrett and Roland Robertson -Globalization and religion : themes and prospects / John H. Simpson -Old testament universalism : prophetic seeds on particularistic soil / Theodore E. Long -Two aspects of the development of universalism in Christianity : the first to the fourth centuries / James F. Strange -The reformation, individualism, and the quest for global order / William R. Garrett -The conquest of the Americas : the Spanish search for global order / James M. Muldoon -The goddess and the guru : two models of universal order in Tamil India / Glenn E. Yocum -The Holy Ghost and the ordering of the world / Stanley Johannesen -Consumer culture, postmodernism, and global disorder / Mike Featherstone -Politics and culture in Islamic globalism / Bryan S. Turner -Globalization versus religious nativism : Japan's Soka Gakkai in the world arena / Anson Shupe -The whole world in his hand? : ways and means of establishing a unificationist theocracy / Eileen V. Barker -The globalization of American televangelism / Jeffrey K. Hadden -Radical democratization and radical monotheism : Mannheim and Niebuhr on global order / Lonnie D. Kliever -Religion, law, and global order / Frank J. Lechner -Globalization, modernization, and postmodernization : the ambiguous position of religion / Roland Robertson.
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