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Religion and cyberspace

ed. by M. T. Høisgaard and M. Warburg


Religion and cyberspace

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New York



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X, 207 p.



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Contents: 1. Introduction: Waves of ResearchMorten T. Hojsgaard and Margit WarburgPart One: Coming to Terms with Religion and Cyberspace 2. The Mediation of Religious Experience in CyberspaceLorne L. Dawson 3. Utopian and Dystopian Possibilities of Networked Religion in the New MillenniumStephen D. O'Leary 4. Cyber-religion: On the Cutting Edge between the Virtual and the RealMorten T. Hojsgaard Part Two: Religious Authority and Conflict in the Age of the Internet 5. Crossing the Boundary: New Challenges to Religious Authority and Control as a Consequence of Access to the InternetEileen Barker 6. Seeking for Truth: Plausibility Alignment on a Baha'i Email ListDavid Piff and Margit Warburg 7. A Symbolic Universe: Information Terrorism and New Religions in CyberspaceMassimo Introvigne Part Three: Constructing Religious Identities and Communities Online 8. Constructing Religious Identity on the InternetMia Loevheim and Alf G. Linderman 9. Online Buddhist Club: An Alternative Religious Organization in the Information AgeMun-Cho Kim 10. Virtual as Contextual: A Net News TheologyDebbie Herring 11. Christian Web Usage: Motives and DesiresMichael J. Laney 12. Digital Waco: Branch Davidian Virtual Communities after the Waco TragedyMark MacWilliams

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