Radical media

rebellious communication and social movements / John D. H. Downing
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Thousand Oaks, CA
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XIV, 426 p.
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PART ONE: CONCEPTS - RADICAL MEDIA INTERSECT MEDIA THEORYPopular Culture, `Audiences' and Radical MediaPower, Hegemony, ResistanceSocial Movements, the Public Sphere, NetworksCommunity, Democracy, Dialogue and Radical MediaArt, Aesthetics, Radical Media, CommunicationRadical Media Organization Two ModelsReligion, Ethnicity, the International DimensionRepressive Radical MediaPART TWO: RADICAL MEDIA TAPESTRY: COMMUNICATIVE REBELLION IN HISTORY AND GLOBALLYPublic Speech, Dance, Jokes and SongGraffiti and DressPopular Theatre, Street Theatre, Performance Art and Culture JammingThe Press`Mind Bombs' Woodcuts, Satirical Prints, Flyers, Photomontage, Posters, MuralsRadioFilm and VideoThe InternetPART THREE: EXTENDED CASE STUDIESThe Portuguese Explosion The Collapse of Dictatorship and Colonialism, 1974 - 75Italy Three Decades of Radical MediaAccess Television and Grassroots Political Communication in the United StatesKPFA, Berkeley and Free Radio BerkeleySamizdat in the Former Soviet BlocA Hexagon by Way of a Conclusion
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