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Qurʼan and woman

A. Wadud


Qurʼan and woman

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Kuala Lumpur


Fajar Bakti

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118 p.



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Introduction: How Perceptions of Woman Influence Interpretation of the Quran. Background. Methodology: A Hermeneutical Model. Language and Prior Text. The Prior Text of Gender-specific Language. Perspectives on Woman. Distinctions between Men and Women. Key Terms and Concepts in the Quran. A Word about Quotations and Translations of Quran. Chapter Outlines --1. In the Beginning, Man and Woman Were Equal: Human Creation in the Quran. Creation and the Language of the Unseen. Creation of the First Parents. The Creation of Humankind. The Origins of Humankind: Ayah; Min; Nafs; Zawj. The Dualism of the Creation. The Events in the Garden. Conclusion --2. The Quranic View of Woman in This World. How the Quran Teaches the Reader through the Events in the Lives of the Individuals It has Mentioned. The Significance of the Women Mentioned or Referred to in the Quran. Woman as an Individual. Distinctions between Individuals: Taqwa. Distinctive Female Characters in the Quran. 3. The Equity of Recompense: The Hereafter in the Quran. The Hereafter and Creation. Values of the Hereafter. Stages of the Hereafter. Death. Resurrection. Judgement. The Equity of Recompense. Recompense of the Individual. The Final Abode. Hell. Paradise. Companions in the Hereafter. Hur-al-ayn in Quranic Discussions of Paradise. Zawj in the Hereafter. The Hereafter from Allah's Perspective (inda Allah). Summary --4. Rights and Roles of Woman: Some Controversies. Functional Distinctions on Earth. Woman is not just Biology. Darajah. Faddala. Nushuz: Disruption of Marital Harmony. The Significance of Context and Chronology in Quranic Social Reforms for Women. Divorce. Patriarchy. Polygamy. Witness. Inheritance. Male Authority. Child Care --Appendix: List of Female Characters Mentioned in the Quran.

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