Procopius of Caesarea

literary and historical interpretations / ed. by C. Lillington-Martin and E. Turquois
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Routledge Taylor & Francis Group
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xiv, 300 pages
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IntroductionI. Revisiting Procopius 1. Writing about Procopius - then and nowAveril Cameron2. The Greatness of Procopius Michael Whitby3. The wor(l)ds of ProcopiusPeter Van NuffelenII. Literary Tropes4. How to interpret Procopius' preface to the WarsFranco Basso and Geoffrey Greatrex5. Narrator and Participant in Procopius' Wars Alan RossIII. Persian Wars6. Exploring the structure of Persian Wars: amplification in Procopius' narrativeLyvia Vasconcelos Baptista7. Procopius and Boethius: Christian Philosophy in the Persian WarsJames MurrayIV. Characterisation8. Procopius and the Characterization of Bessas: Where History Meets HistoriographyConor Whately9. Reinventing Theoderic in Procopius' Gothic WarCharles PazdernikV. Military and Legal History Comparisons10. Procopius, / quaestor, Codex Justinianus, I.27 and Belisarius' strategy in the MediterraneanChristopher Lillington-Martin11. Justinian's Laws and Procopius' WarsMarion Kruse12. Comparing Procopius and MalalasIan ColvinVI. Social History Comparisons13. Roman or Barbarian? Ethnic Identities and Political Loyalties in the Balkans according to ProcopiusAlexander Sarantis14. Landownership and Rural Society in the Writings of ProcopiusPeter SarrisVII. Receptions 15. Scaliger's Lie? A Note on "Project Procopius" Federico MontinaroVIII. The Aftermath16. Epilogue Anthony KaldellisBibliography
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